Getting Started

Take your musical journey to the next level! We offer group and solo lessons. Fill out our inquiry form to get started!


We’ve seen it first-hand. The hard work, dedication, and emotional investment our students devote teaches them important skills and lifelong lessons. Going beyond advancing your musical talent, our staff’s goals are to personally develop each and every student by helping them to build confidence and pride through music accomplishments. 

Lessons start at $20 per session.
We offer lessons as a group as well as solo lessons. Fill out our inquiry form to get started!

All ages

We welcome and encourage students of all generations because we know that age doesn’t define your ability to learn music. Whether you’re seeking lessons for your child, or recently retired and ready to learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to play, we truly believe that there’s never a wrong time to start your musical journey. It’s all about desire!

Solo Lessons

Solo lessons allow you to learn at a rate you’re comfortable with, and provide you with in-depth knowledge on the different genres of music. This means that your interests drive your experience and development of your skillset. By working with you one-on-one, your instructor can help you set and reach your personal goals.

Group lessons

Group lessons are fun and inspiring – a place to share passions, ideas, and make new friends. With group lessons, you submerge yourself in a collaborative, team-like environment where learning comes not just from instructors but from your peers as well.

Music Discovery

Strings, voice, rhythm… there are many ways to create beautiful sound. If you have a desire to learn music but are not sure which instrument is right for you, our Music Discovery sessions can help. We work alongside you or your child so that you can find the right path for your musical journey.

Need more info about what we teach? You can always do a musical discovery to learn the right instrument for you, or see all of our instrument options.